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GATE Systems  was established during the 2020 Covid 19 Pandemic in a lockdown environment to transform organizations that were disturbed by the limitations imposed during the crisis. Since firms were forced to enhance the pace of transformation with restricted physical movements to face the global crisis, generating acceleration towards transforming the enterprise became critical.  Learn more»

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Fully Automated

GATE HRM is a fully automated HRIS that tracks the entire lifecycle of a given employee from his or her onboarding to resignation. It keeps track of trainings and developments, employee performance, payroll management, time management and attendance management, which makes GATE HRM a fully integrated HRIS.

Cuts Down Costs

GATE HRM reduces the cost by deploying a paperless, fully automated solution that allows all data to be kept on virtual environments. By automating the key processes it also eliminates the time consuming activities and hence it helps the organization keep its cost down, drastically.

One Software For All

You don’t have to maintain different systems for tracking attendance, different systems to run the payroll and different systems to measure the performance. All the business systems in your Human Resources Management Eco System can be incorporated into a single integrated system in GATE HRM.

Information in Real-time

You don’t have to wait for hours to get up to date information on your Human Resources Eco System. With GATE HRM you can access online, real-time information without any time lags. GATE HRM a very reliable and dependable solutions for any organization to deploy.

Our HRM Modules

Enterprise Level HRM Application

Employee Profile Management

This module allows the organization to enter employee profile details such as personal details, educational qualifications, work experiences, professional membership details, contact information, hobbies, interests and other additional information.

Time and Attendance Management

This module allows the organization to view employee Time and Attendance details. It projects employee Absenteeism details. This module consists of reporting capabilities related to Time, Attendance and Absenteeism.

Leave Management

Different job functions demands different leave categories. HRM applications should accommodate all standard leave types. This modules allows the organization assign leave, monitor leave and manage employee leave effectively.

Payroll Management

This module allows the organization to run its payroll in a simple three step process called check, confirm and proceed. This eliminates unnecessary time spent on manual payroll entries.

Employee Recruitment Management

This module allows the organization to publish vacancies, receive applications, shortlist applications and eventually recruit the most deserving. This process establishes greater transparency when comes to the recruitment process.

Employee Learning and Development

This module tracks all learning and development initiatives of employees during the employees stay at the organization. It helps the organization determine the learning and development progress of employees.