Our Story

GATE Systems was established during the 2020 Covid 19 Pandemic in a lockdown environment to transform organizations that were disturbed by the limitations imposed during the crisis. Since firms were forced to enhance the pace of transformation with restricted physical movements to face the global crisis, generating acceleration towards transforming the enterprise became critical. This gave birth to GATE Technologies which stands for Generating Acceleration for Transforming Enterprises using Technologies. GATE Systems used technology as a platform to Transform the Enterprises which allowed them operate 100% on a virtual environment until July 2021, when they revealed there first transformational product in Gate HRM.

Prior to launching GATE Systems, we formed our ‘Team G2G’ which stands for ‘Team Gate to Great’ which consists of group of experts coming from different background such as Project Management, Technology Architecture, Technology Infrastructure, Information Security, Business Informatics, Business Development, Technology Strategy and Innovations. All our managerial staff have over 20 years of corporate experience handing large scale complex projects across geographical borders.

If your enterprise is seeking to Generate Acceleration towards Transforming your Enterprise using Technologies, you have discovered the ideal partner in progress at GATE Systems (Private) Limited.

  • Vision
  • Mission

To become South Asia’s first choice Gateway to Transforming Enterprises

We provide our customers with products built on a firm architecture, we capture customers’ requirements using professional expertise and guarantee the customer a successful implementation that will transform the enterprise level activities, driven by technologies.


We have built GATE Technologies on our value pillars of Integrity, Respect, Reliability and Dedication, which we consider as fundamentals when Generating Acceleration for Transforming Enterprises using Technologies.


We maintain a transparent communication of all the activities we undertake. We offer greater clarity towards the work we undertake on our customer’s behalf because we value the trust you have placed on us to deliver exceptional results while maintaining higher degree of integrity.


Let it be communicating with our customers or with our employees we respect each other’s opinions because we believe that every idea and every viewpoint is equally great. The more contradicting the ideas are the better the end result becomes. Therefore respect is one of our key values in driving enterprise level transformations


Your investment on technologies demands superior performance. To provide superior performance we use reliable resources and ensure solidarity of our design for the customers to have an uninterrupted and unprecedented customer experience. This makes reliability a key value pillar within our organization.


No matter how well we plan, it takes focused dedication to ensure that the task we planned get completed as planned. To maintain that focus and accomplish the end goal, we maintain dedication as one of our key value pillars.


We are specialized in developing Human Resources Management Enterprise Level Solutions as most South Asia countries have face operational limitations when using applications used in more developed economies.